Birthday Bash Fundraiser

Fundraiser Idea for Local Museum or Library: Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties can raise lots of money for a Local Museum, Gallery or Library. Birthday Parties can be held for both children and adults. Like they have hear at the New England Aquarium it is best to have many options. Supplying cake, ice cream, pizza, hot dogs and other food will make this a memorable birthday.

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake

The Please Touch Museum also has a wonderful program that you can review. Additional revenue can be generated with Invitations and thank you cards.

Ideas for Low Cost Birthday Parties Ideas

  • Books – Put a stack of books out and encourage the kids and parents to read books together.
  • Dancing – Play from any music collection for the guests add in a couple of rounds of freeze dance
  • Cake Decorating – Have guest decorate the cake before eating
  • Balls – Have a bunch of balls, foam, beach and bouncy for the guests to play with
  • Mirrors – Kids love looking in mirrors, have a bunch of child-safe mirrors around for guests to look at and make funny faces
  • Bubbles – Children and adults love Bubbles
  • Vintage Games – Just have the guests play the sort of games you remember from your childhood
  • Toy Collection – Keep it simple and just make a toy collection the activity