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The Montreal Biosphere

Come visit the Biosphere and discover the environment in a whole new light!

Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of the The Montreal Biosphere, the only environment museum in North America! Let us inspire you with the new immersive exhibition “Design the Future.” Take in the giant outdoor photographs of the Arctic and visit the new exhibition “Spaceship Earth,” which presents the inspirational vision of sustainable development popularized by Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Montreal Biosphere

Montreal Biosphere

The Biosphere offers many activities that will provide you with day-to-day solutions to protect the environment and to reduce your ecological footprint.

Meet the experienced guides to ask all your questions about the greenest and most accessible consumer choices, watch our short movie presentations or participate in our outdoor activities!

Wherever you are, out in nature or in the city, there is a BioKit for you!

Through a series of interactive outdoor activities, you will discover biodiversity and learn how you can take care of it.

Explore the BioKits and learn about the environment.

The Biosphere is a museum in Montreal dedicated to the environment. It is located at Parc Jean-Drapeau, on Saint Helen’s Island in the former pavilion of the United States for the 1967 World Fair, Expo 67.

The architect of the geodesic dome was Buckminster Fuller. The building originally formed an enclosed structure of steel and acrylic cells, 76 metres (250 ft) in diameter and 62 metres (200 ft) high. The dome is a Class 1, Frequency 16 Icosahedron. A complex system of shades was used to control its internal temperature.

Architects from Golden Metak Productions designed the interior exhibition space. Visitors had access to four themed platforms divided into seven levels. The building included a 37-metre-long escalator, the longest ever built at the time.

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