Fundraiser Cook Book

Fundraiser Idea for Local Museum or Gallery or Library

Cook Book

and Americas Oldest Cookbook

To help raise money for your Local Museum or Gallery or Library consider developing a cook book. Cookbooks can be a great fundraiser. If you’re a history museum, include recipes that would have been prepared back in those times. If an art gallery has recipes with fun art names like Monet and Cheese or Worholbergers.

As a fundraising activity make a cookbook with a local flair. Get recipes from local people using local ingredients and tailored to local tastes. Ask your members, volunteers and local community to submit their favorite recipes for the cookbook. Keep it local for that custom flair. For Maryland use crab recipes, Vermont Maple Syrup or for Oregon salmon. You get the concept – the local-er the better.


One benefit of this approach is the fact that the fundraiser is not limited to a one-day – a book can be sold for many months, or years. Get a local business to underwrite the printing cost in exchange for advertising space.

Printing a Cookbook can be a hassle. Many local print shops or office supply chains will print a spiral bound gook at reasonable costs. Color may cost more but will look much better especially with photographs of the prepared dishes.

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Good luck and happy fundraising!