Fundraiser Hand Painted Chairs Auction

Fun Fundraising Idea – Hand Painted Chairs

Fundraiser Idea for Local Museum or Gallery or Library

The Howell Area Arts Council, Howell, Michigan, holds an annual “Sitting Pretty” fund-raiser, in which the group auctions off hand-painted chairs.


For chair types, just about anything goes. They have had piano benches, a parade ladder, and even a toilet. Those who want to paint a chair for the fund raiser can simply make it colorful or choose a theme.
Some chairs have had a Halloween or Christmas theme. Others decorate in a garden motif. The council has fun with the fund raiser and members continually collect old chairs in anticipation of it.


Proceeds benefit the arts council’s community programs.


The minimum bid was $30.

This can be a fun fundraiser and can be used to engage the local community in a fantastic and simple fundraiser and it is easy:

  • Get unpainted Furniture – or ask people to bring their own
  • Have the community paint them in fun and creative ways – perhaps in a social gathering.
  • Sell the results for your charity

Hand-Painted Chairs can be used in a silent auction, public auction or sell them on Ebay for ever more funds.

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