Fundraiser – Play To Give

Online Gaming – Fundraiser Idea for Local Museum or Library

PlayToGive or Play to Give is a fun way to raise money for your Local Museum or Gallery or Library. Playtogive is fun-raising.

Fundraising Should Be FUN!

What is Playtogive?

Playtogive is revolutionizing the way we raise money for nonprofits by combining philanthropy, community, friendly competition, and fun into an online game contest.

It sounds simple. Because it is!

Playtogive is the same do-good fundraising…but with a do-better, streamlined edge! So, now, you can introduce a little common sense and a whole lot of joy into the equation!

What’s more, according to Charity Navigator, America’s leading charity evaluator, a majority of charity fundraising events barely break even, and many operate at a loss!

With Playtogive’s online fundraising events, raising money is a vastly more efficient, more effective, more enjoyable process for everyone, from organizer to player to donor.