Fundraising Program – Night at the Museum Sleepover

Night at the Museum Fundraiser or Museum Sleepover Fundraiser can be a great way to engage young people and raise some Fundraising money. This would be great for a Local Museum or Gallery or Library. Kids and adults will have a great time and if they are not careful they may learn something too. The American Museum of Natural History in New York City has an excellent Sleepover Program.


Sleeping under the Blue Whale is Awesome – But, all Museums are Awesome.

A Night at the Gallery
A Night at the Library
A Night at the Museum

Included in the AMNH Sleepover programs are:

  • Evening snack and light breakfast
  • Cots for all participants
  • Fossil fact-finding mission by flashlight
  • Theater film or space show
  • Take-home activities
  • Live animal special exhibition or live animal presentation

Granted AMNH is a big organization with lots of members and staff. But, a Night at the Museum Sleepover program is easily scalable for the smaller Museum or Gallery.
Perhaps cots will not be provided, IMAX theater movie could be replaced by a DVD on TV and live animals may be too much. If you limit this to local kids than the parents or scout masters will be the chaperones.


Other Highlights from the AMNH Sleepover
Ages 6-13 – Scout nights, 6-16
They have Boy and Girl nights and very few co-ed sleep overs
One adult supervisor for every three children
Cost $145 per person – less for museum members

Sample Sleep Over Schedule could include:

Check in
Dinner – Pizza
Museum or Gallery Tour (by Flashlight!?!?)
Snack time
Movie – Relative to your Gallery or Museum
Story time
Unwind time
Bed time

In the Morning
Wake Up Call
Time to shop in the Museum Store

How much could your Museum Charge?
How many people will fit?
What special activities could you envision?
How about including an adult version?

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