Homeopathic Stress Relief

How to Relive Stress – Homeopathic

Homeopathy is a type of alternative medicine invented in the late 18th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on two ideas: “let like cure like” – meaning that a substance that causes disease symptoms can also cure those same symptoms; and that dilution increases potency.

Homeopathy is fundamentally different from herbal medicine, with which it is often confused. While some “homeopathic” medicines are simply herbal supplements labelled as homeopathic, true homeopathic remedies are so greatly diluted that they contain no active ingredients. The only measurable ingredients are water and/or alcohol, which is used to “preserve the medicinal power for a long period of time during storage.”

9-1-1 Stress Control
9-1-1 Stress for nervous tension, over-sensitivity or irritability. Homeopathic liquid spray. No alcohol. No dairy. No gluten. No sugar. No yeast. Manufactured by: King Bio

Aroma Naturals Relaxing Lavender & Tangerine Aromatic Mist
This aromatic mist contains Pure Essential Oils to enliven the atmosphere of any room, refresh linens or balance your living environment in a safe, healthy way. Relaxing Lavender is one of the most calming essential oils. In combination with soothing Tangerine, this is a peaceful aroma to reduce stress.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy
An all natural form of healing that can reduce everyday stress and help maintain control of your health. Effective in virtually any situation that causes stress or anxiety. Helps restore a sense of calm and control. No artificial additives.
Manufactured by BACH

Adrenal Stress End
When your adrenal glands are working properly, they release hormones that help your body maintain balance during stress. Fatigued to Fantastic! Adrenal Stress-End energizing stress formula provides essential nutrients to avoid adrenal burnout. Supports adrenal gland function and healthy levels of cortisol-the stress hormone. Predigested adrenal extract for superior absorption Help you stay energized even on the most stressful day.

Acetyl L-Carnitine plays a role in the metabolism of food to energy. The combination of Alpha Lipoic Acidand Acetyl L-Carnitine helps promote metabolic functioning to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress. Often used as part of a healthy aging program. Helps support brain function. Plays a role in the metabolism of food to energy. Supports nervous system health.