How to engage Facebook Fans for your community Museum or Library

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How to engage Facebook Fans for your community Museum or Library. The following tips will help you engage Facebook Fans for your community Museum or Library.

Quiz Your Fans To learn about fans of a Museum or Library and to engage with them and other fans, ask questions, invite them to share about their interests or what they enjoy doing in their free time. Ask what they like about your Museum Library. How can we improve?

Comment as They Happen – Studies have shown that likes, shares and comments are generally made within the first few hours after an update is posted. Make sure you are active, like-ing comments and sharing what others have said right after they say it. This will engage people and make them wanting to share more.

Balance Your Content – Share your content in a variety of forms. Try with photos, videos, links, surveys and questions. Track the engagement to see which types of posts do best. When you see a pattern, concentrate on the most engaging.

Find and Share Timely Content The subject that drives it doesn’t always have to be yours. Find stories and blogs that will interest your fans and share it with them. See what other Museum or Library are doing and share, share, share

Manage Your Images People love to look at images, but how you publish your images can either excite or frustrate fans. Instead of loading a mass of images to your page all at once, take the time to experiment with single-image updates, collages and albums to see which type of image update your fans prefer.

Call to Action Different Calls to Action may work better than others for your fans. Make sure your calls align with your goals.

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Update Your About Page An incomplete or out-of-date About page can make it look like something’s not quite right. When that happens, their engagement will begin to drop. Revisit your About page often to make any needed changes like adding a new email address, updates or an event.

Include Facebook Apps From events to fundraisers to and email signups, custom apps provide many opportunities for driving engagement. You should take advantage of them.

Survey Fans on Facebook Everyone likes to share their opinion. Surveys let you give your fans a voice and create engagement at the same time. Ask everything from “What’s your favorite color?” to “Who is your favorite artist or historical figure?” As a bonus, when your fans share their preferences, you learn information that helps you create better targeted updates.

There are many easy-to-use third-party survey applications

Video to Facebook
Video is important to a Museum and Library to engage their audience. Posted updates with videos uploaded directly to Facebook received 40% higher engagement than posts that linked to a video on YouTube. Experiment with where you upload your videos, and if there’s a difference in engagement levels when you post them in an update, you’ll know where to make the change.

Express With Emoticons – Plain text doesn’t always lend itself to expressing the humanity, enthusiasm or emotion behind a post. Show off your personality and help fans relate to you by adding an emoticon to updates.

Engage when your Fans Are Online watch for the times your fans are online.

Engage your users when they are active.
One of the most useful pieces of information you’ll learn from your Facebook Insights is when your fans are online. To find out, click on Insights, then Posts.