How to Recruit Senior Volunteers

Volunteers – Senior Citizens

Older or Senior Volunteers have long played an important role in serving charities, Local Museums, Galleries, Libraries and that role is growing. Older volunteers face no more limitations in serving charities than do other supporters.

Because today’s retired volunteers don’t readily identify themselves as senior citizens, many of the traditional techniques used for recruiting people in other age groups work just as well for recruiting the retirees, though the appeal for volunteers may need to be tweaked to emphasize why older people would find the situation attractive.

Although older volunteers have many similarities to their younger colleagues, they may also bring with them physical or other limitations that need to be accommodated. People just need to be candid with the volunteer coordinator about what they can do and what they can’t. Make it safe, make it comfortable for the volunteers to say ‘I have a limitation’ without feeling like they can’t volunteer or that they’re going to be a drag on the project.

Flexibility and challenges of an organization’s volunteer opportunities to attract would-be volunteers. The key is recruiting these seniors with a variety of opportunities that can appeal to them, just like any other age group. Go to the senior centers, the churches, the retirement organizations, or the fraternal organizations such as the Kiwanis and Rotary clubs.

There is no one better than a satisfied volunteer to make the best spokesperson for an organization. Recruit them for your Local Museum or Gallery or Library.