Library Programs for Adult

Programs for Grown-Ups at Libraries

Most Libraries have great programs for children. But, what is being done for the grownups? What programs are there for adults at the library?

Here are Some Programs for Adults at the Library

  • Lifelong learning classes Have some local teachers or the local community collage present seminars
  • Free Computer Help Workshop Get a local expert from a repair shop or some kids to help
  • Investment seminar with a local business person and showcase books, videos, magazines, CDs and Web sites that help people learn about investment strategies.
  • Job Interviewing and Resume Workshops Many community colleges have outreach coordinators that will present at your library for free.
  • Travel Workshop get a local expert to host a travel planning workshop and feature Web pages and other reference materials on how to find the best bargains, learn about foreign currency and plan a family vacation.
  • Cookie Swap Get put the bakers do to a swap of recipes and delicious treats.
  • Technology Oriented Programs Again your local talent is the best resource, can instruct on anything from smart phones to 3D printers
  • Banned Books Show off some banned books, banned recordings or films, and authors whose works have been banned over the course of the last century.

These are just a few ideas, open up the question of How can the library better serve adults to your staff!