Library Scavenger Hunt

Make the Library Fun Again

Let’s face it – library tours and brief orientation “lectures” are dull, dull, dull. Try something new, Library Scavenger Hunt.

The entertainment value of a scavenger hunt also serves three purposes:

  • introduces the public to the library as a place
  • creates awareness of library services and friendly staff
  • and provides a bonding experience for the library staff

This Wen site has many fun and interesting ideas on how to make clues.

Tips for having a successful Scavenger Hunt

  • Enthusiasm starts at the top so get your library director on board
  • Be age specific – have several if needed
  • Time: It takes a major commitment to plan and carry out a successful scavenger hunt, so start early and be prepared to work
  • Use a committee with a mix of creative and organized personalities
  • No idea is too outrageous during planning
  • Select your most outgoing staff to greet the public and explain the hunt procedures and to wish them well as they leave.
  • Don’t try and include too much in the hunt, keep it simple
  • .

  • Make signs, offbeat signs, to advertise
  • Clues: Keep them short and simple; people don’t read much.
  • Start PR early to let people know what you’re planning.
  • Create different versions of the hunt questions so participants will be spread out over the library; you don’t want 20 people converging at a service point at the same time
  • Small freebies add a fun element Possibilities: bookmarks, pencils, wristbands, erasers shaped like books, items with your library logo.
  • Involve all staff to help with the hunt itself. Sell it as a fun activity, not a burden. Add a free tee-shirt if you can
  • Encourage feedback to improve for next time