Library – Why do we still need libraries?

Pam Sandlian Smith – What to expect from libraries in the 21st century

Why do we still need libraries?
What do we need from libraries in the 21st century?

In the below TED Talk Pam Sandlian Smith from Anythink Libraries gives a passionate talk on why Libraries matter. Pam Sandlian Smith was named 2010 Colorado Librarian of the Year by the Colorado Association of Libraries for her work at Rangeview Library District. Anythink was named one of five recipients of the 2011 John Cotton Dana Award for its 2009-2010 brand launch. The award is presented by the American Library Association for outstanding public relations in libraries.

Why do we still need libraries in the age of digital, real-time information? In this emotional talk, Pam Sandlian Smith shows how she works to use the library as a hub for community-based knowledge creation and discourse.

A must watch for any Local Museum or Gallery or Library personal.

What to expect from libraries>/i> in the 21st century