Makerspace at Piscataway Public Library

MiY Makerspace Library

Piscataway Public Library Makerspace

Make It Yourself or MiY gives residents of all ages access to tools, techniques and hands-on learning experiences that will spark their imaginations and enrich their lives. A particular focus will be given to young people, with the goal of inspiring/nurturing their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math or STEM. STEM education is increasingly important as students prepare for careers in our 21st century, technology-dependent, global economy. Looking at global technology trends, these learning and “making” experiences are going to be vital for current and future generations.

The Maker Movement:

Our Future Economy An Infographic

Makerspace Infographic

Makerspace Infographic – Click to Enlarge

If you’re a Maker or aspiring to become one: There’s never been a better time. Now you can turn your idea into a reality with an abundance of resources at your fingertips.