Photo Fundraiser Idea for Local Museum or Gallery or Library

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Photography Contest

Photography Contest can be a great way for your Local Museum or Gallery or Library to get donations. Let the devoutly artistic and undiscovered experimenters show off their skills and, in exchange for an entrance fee, submit their work. Depending on the size and seriousness of your contest, it may be wise to appoint as judges those who are truly qualified to analyze photos.

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Prizes can make or break a contest. Make sure your prize is relevant to your target audience and relates to your Local Museum or Gallery or Library.

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More Photography Contest Tips

The most successful contests that receive the highest entry figures offer great prizes. Obviously some fans and followers will enter a contest if it’s fun and engaging, but at the end of the day, people enter contests because they want to win something.

Create a fun theme for your contest. It is often a good idea to assign a specific theme that has to do with your Museum or Gallery or Library.

Promote your Photo Contest campaign.

Choose an impartial judge – do not give prizes to family or friends

Some Photography Contest Winners

San Francisco from Pier

Bannack Hotel

Mount Vernon