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Logo, Why you need one for your Local Museum or Gallery or Library

Every Local Museum or Gallery or Library needs a logo. Your logo also needs to be easy to remember. Your logo needs to out in the market among all the competitors. It assists you by providing it a professional look and helps you to be memorable. A professional and well-designed logo conveys a message to the public that you are determined and credible.

Everyone needs a Logo, Even the Roman Empire Had One

A good logo that is doing its job has a number of characteristic that make it successful including:

1. Authenticity: it should be honest and display what you are about.
2. Meaning: can be as subtle as conveying a feeling or be direct and to the point .
3. Enduring: should allow your Museum or Gallery or Library to evolve over time.
4. Flexible: you logo should be able to be used in many different ways including:
   A. work well in black and white as well as in full color.
   B. work well online and in print.
   C. able to be scaled larger and smaller.

Here are some great Logo examples






Technically, anyone who can draw can create a logo but, it is not that simple! Your logo is the starting point of the visual identity of your Museum or Gallery or Library. For a professional logo that truly represents your visual identity you may need to see a professional graphic designer.