Volunteers – How to Recruit

How to Recruit Volunteers in 7 Steps

How to recruit volunteers for your Local Museum or Library in 7 easy Steps!

  • Step 1 Write a list of needs. Before you attempt to find volunteers, you should assess how many and what kind of volunteers you will need. Some volunteer projects will require physical labor, some administrative and other projects, and some a combination of those skills.
  • Step 2 Ask the people you know best. Friends, current volunteers, family and neighbors are the best source for volunteers. Approaching them personally also adds to the likelihood that they will say yes, since it is often difficult to turn you down face to face.
  • Step 3 Approach community professionals. Your local business owners are usually willing to offer services to further your cause, but often go untapped because people believe that owners will not donate their expertise for free. You can find help by asking the office supply store to donate copying services and the grocery store to donate food.
  • Step 4 Look to local organizations for help. There are youth, men’s and women’s groups in churches that are actually looking for you to provide opportunities for volunteerism. The same is true of scouting groups who need volunteer projects to complete badge requirements.
  • Step 5 Use the Internet. It’s no secret that the majority of society today is tapped into the Internet. Recruit volunteers by posting information on your website and designing pages on the various social networks.
  • Step 6 Attend area meetings. If there are other volunteer organizations gathering in your community, you can find help by going to their meetings and offering some assistance. You become visible and the people who volunteer there may be more apt to volunteer for you in the future.
  • Step 7 Use every available resource. Call the local schools, libraries, your community center and town clerk to ask if you can recruit volunteers by adding a blurb to newsletters, bulletin boards and websites. Local businesses such as grocery stores also have bulletin boards where you can tack up a flyer.

Mostly have fun with volunteers for any Local Museum or Gallery or Library